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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sprint Windows Mobile Software Update

I recently sent an inquiry in about software updates for the Mogul and Touch in through a dedicated channel for questions for Sprint Dealers.

The following is the email that I sent:

There have been rumors as of late about rom upgrdes for the HTC Touch and Mogul. Can you reveal the release date for these software upgrades? Also can you confirm or deny if these updates will or will not include Windows Mobile 6.1, MMS functionality for both devices, Sprint TV on the mogul, EVDO Rev. A and GPS on the touch, and qchat functionality on either/or?

The following is the response that I received:

Thank you for your patience while we gathered the answer to your questions. Please note; we have a Windows 6.1 Software Update program that will be launching on 6/15. It will affect the Mogul, Touch, Q9C, and Samsung ACE.

Thanks again, and be sure to tune in again next month!

So, they gave me information that I did not want but also left off my questions about specifics.

I will reply and ask for more, but do not count on getting any info.

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