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Friday, April 25, 2008

Update to Alltel HTC Touch Rom ***HACKED***

Sooooo, if you recall correctly, when I reported the release of a new rom that had evdo rev. a on it for alltel, I made mention of an online community getting it on to other carriers. Well, they were successful, and I can say that I now am running an Alltel rom on my Sprint Touch. Everything works just fine, and there is a work around that was able to get GPS working. I have not been able to test Rev. a because I am not in an evdo area, but I was able to get Google Maps to register to satellites. It is a pretty easy process and you should be able to d it on any Vogue (CDMA carriers.)

This Rom does disable the use of a custom cube for now. Some are saying that video playback is better and wondering if this has some special video drivers. Another neat feature that I noticed is when you click on the icons in the top system bar it shows you a blown up menu with bigger buttons. It is very nice.

**Caution if you do not do this correctly you could kill your phone.** Just throwing that out there to protect myself, but seriously read up on this if interested. Do not just jump in head first with reckless abandonment. It is easy, but...

Here is a thread with instructions and links to downloads.

Many thanks to the guys at ppcgeeks and xda developers.

This will probably be available in many Windows Mobile 6.1 roms soon, so if you do not want to go back just hang on.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amazon offering all AT&T phones for 1 cent!!!!! Today Only

That is a pretty good deal, but if you are looking to get an iPhone for that, too bad. It is the only one left off. You can get a Tilt made by HTC, and codenamed the Kaiser (TyTn II) however. This is a fantastic deal if you have been looking to get a good deal on any new model. Oh, how about that, there is an AT&T ad for Amazon at the top of this blog. You know what to do (wink, wink.)

Reported by the Boy Genius Report.

Nokia and Spike Lee, an obvious relationship finally comes to fruition.

Nokia and Spike Lee are hooking up with Yahoo to promote this monstrously monstrous marketing idea. The premise is to allow people o send in video that they have taken from their cell phones to go in to this contest. Lee will have some involvement that will result in short films and 3 winners. They say that this is not a marketing play, but it sure seems like one to me. They are wanting people to think more of their devices as devices and not phones.

Here is the official website. Who knows what other companies may jump on board with this.

Here is the NY Times article.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HTC Touch gets software update on Alltel: Sprint and Verizon users swoon.

While this may not have activated gps like many people were hoping for, this is a software update that has enabled EVDO Rev. A to work on this device. Who knows what other changes were put on this rom (good or bad?) At this point some of the usual suspects tot eh Windows Mobile world are trying to rip this puppy to pieces and get it working on other carrier's devices. They are even some people that (I hope are not holding their breaths) are hoping they can get gps working off of this rom. Either way ppcgeeks will probably have this working in no time flat.

Be cautious, if you are not with Alltel and flash this rom, you will have an expensive paperweight. This is the link to the download ****FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK**** Alltel only.

Super Genintari: This guy makes his own system playing 4 systems.

This is a pretty sweet video of a system that his guy made that will play Atari 2600, NES, SNES, and Genesis games. It is pretty interesting to look at and may cause a wave of nostalgia to roll over your body, but other than that nothing much going on here. After you watch the youtube video check out his website.

HTC's American Branding Campaign

So if you are not familiar with HTC it is because their products have had various names on them. Commonly branded as the carrier on the device that they are carried on and sometimes something else like UT Starcomm (example HTC Apache= Verzon XV6700 or Sprint ppc-6700.) Well HTC decided to step out of the limelight and use their own name on some devices (i.e. HTC Mogul or HTC Touch carried by Sprint here in the US.) Now HTC is launching thier American branding campaign. This video is pretty cool, but the end is decidedly iPhone-esque. You may have already seen this on every other tech/mobile blog, but have you seen another commercial aired outside of the US. Check this out. I really like it better.

Nvidia's Phone processor and their concept Smartphone OS

Check out this video of this os in action. It looks pretty freaking sweet and this graphics engine will be just another step in the road of convergence. All these choices: Windows Mobile 7, Android, a new Palm OS, and now this.

Also check out this video that shows the concept device. A bit large but they can always shrink it down.

HTC Sprint Bombshell!?!?!?!?

Oh if this is true, prepared to be blown away. Apparently someone has leaked some shots that show the upcoming HTC devices codenamed Raphael and Diamond are coming, and they are coming to Sprint. This is fantastic news to Sprint subscribers who love the look of the Sony Xperia X1 that is salted for a GSM release (probably AT&T.)
The Diamond is allegedly a replacement for the Touch and Raphael is apparently a replacement for the Mogul.
Apparently the info Engadget is getting is that Raphael is slated for September and Diamond for November.

Both devices are said to have EVDO Rev. A, WIFI and a 3 megapixel camera. Is this too bgood to be true? Go to the link to see pics via engadget here.

Let's hope for something official at HTC big hoopla on May 6th.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Samsung Gets Creative/Crazy

Crazy or creative, I don't know, but Samsung has few designs that are bit different than what we are used to seeing. Engadget is reporting 2 new technologies from the technology giant. One is a FCC filing for hand gesturing usage with cell phones (above). The other is water powered cell phones (below).

Yeah, not too long and we will being going to the water fountain to charge our cell phones and thrusting our fingers around with one hand in front of a cell phone and the phone in the other. Of course it will look normal then, but not so much if you saw someone doing it today (don't believe me, go in to public and try either.)

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Future of Search

The internet has been changing ever since it's creation and that is not going to stop anytime soon. Anyone who follows what is going on in the world of the internet and the services offered on it, knows that we are shifting to a time (theoretically) when we will not have hard drives in our computer, and we will not download and install programs. We will be in an age of online servers and web apps in their place.

Enter the new age of Search Enginges. Yahoo announced a couple of weeks back a new function of search on mobile phones that will search by voice (pretty cool huh.) I also found this, it is a program that will allow you to take a picture with your iphone and email it to a search server. You will get an email back that will be your search results per say. Pretty cool. Check out the youtube video. I am going to try and find out if there is a version for anything other than the iphone.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Apple Conundrum

Conundrum-b: an intricate and difficult problem (according to merriam webster online dictionary.)

I hate Apple. I hate Apple and I do not know why. How can I hate Apple when the last product I used that was made by them had a floppy drive, was command driven, and I played oregon trail on.

I guess the problem stems from Apple fanboys constantly bragging about the superiority of their product. I mean, if it was so great wouldn't everyone be going Apple (maybe not.) Apple fanboys also brag about lack of malware, but then there is the whole market share argument as to the real reason Apple computers are not as easily hacked.

The problem also is that Apple seems to rely on style and popularity to sell their products. I have been a bit of a nonconformist most of my life, and while windows maybe more wide spread, it is definitely not the cool thing to do (or at least in my generation and younger.) So i am left with a bitter taste in my mouth, and couple that with the Mac, PC commercials, I just get a bit peeved.

Could all of that change? I would have said no due to Apple's refusal to license out OSX for use on non Apple products, but that may not be a problem now. There is an online community that has been diligently trying to make it possible for people to run OSX on their PC. Their is osx86 project, hackint0sh, and this lifehacker post that got me interested. Now I can say that I am running osx on my old computer, and to be honest, I am impressed.

There are several things that I am liking about so far, and the only thing I am not liking is that some of my old hardware is not compatible. It will take a bit more time before I am an Apple convert (and I remain skeptical that i will completely leave behind my beloved Windows) but i am trying to stay out of the garbage fanboy game that causes people to draw a line in the sand, and refuse to be objective about a product.

Go ahead give osx a run on your old computer or you can even throw it on another hard drive and run it from there. Just keep in mind that this is not exactly legal.

What say you?

Day One


This is my first blog on here (we will not talk about my incoherent ramblings on myspace) and I am at approximately 0 people as fans. This blog will center around tech and the geeks that spend hours pouring over websites exclusively devoted to the various facets of it. I am not pretending to be a reporter of any sorts, and chances are, if you are seeing something on this page, I read it on one of the big tech pages that all tech geeks flock to or maybe a smaller site. I will try to fire out at least one posting a day, but I will probably lose interest befoe the end of the month. Stay tuned for more.

Here is a nugget from evil mad scientist laboratories: a usb flash drive put in to a usb cable. I was going to post a picture but I am getting an error message, so, just go to the page.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful digital relationship.