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Monday, May 5, 2008

HTC's new Diamond website (kind of)

May of you probably know that there is a press conference in London tomorrow for HTC. Rumours (since it is London I feel it is only appropriate to spell it this way)have been swirling about what it would be about. Many people thought that it would be about Dream, HTC's first device running Android, but now the consensus is that it will be about the new Handset that has leaked, the HTC Diamond. I was thinking about this a bit and decided to try something and went to www.htcdiamond.com. I was pleasantly surprised when something happened. I expected a website that was occupied by someone who bought the url when the information about this device started leaking. what I found was that this URL linked directly to HTC's website about the Touch Cruise.

Now this is nothing really big by any means, but I guess it is just something to help add anticipation to tomorrow's event. So, are you getting up early to watch it online?

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