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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sprint, Clearwire, and Cable Companies talking Wimax again.

Apparently The Wall Street Journal is camping in Sprint's office as of late. Over the weekend they reported that Deutsch Telekom was looking in to a buyout, Monday they reported Sprint was thinking about spinning off Nextel, and now today they are saying Wimax lives (so to speak.)

The report is saying that Sprint has worked up a deal with Clearwire, who if you recall has already talked with Sprint before and it fell through, as well as Comcast, Time Warner, Intel and Google. Also, keep in mind that a deal that included the Cable Companies was abandoned about 2 weeks ago.

This is great news for Sprint. We still do not know the mindset of the company amidst rumors of DT's interest, but one thing is for sure, if Sprint wants to stay afloat pushing forward with Wimax (while it could sink the company)and being the fastest data connection around would certainly help. With Sprint's credit rating just being downgraded it was getting hard to believe that the embattled carrier could pull through, especially due to the lack of funds.

I guess we will all have to keep our ears open and if you had Sprint stock on Friday, I am jealous. Keep in mind though based on the track record there is a good chance this will fall through before the end of May. You might want to sell before the end of the week.

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