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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Samsung Gets Creative/Crazy

Crazy or creative, I don't know, but Samsung has few designs that are bit different than what we are used to seeing. Engadget is reporting 2 new technologies from the technology giant. One is a FCC filing for hand gesturing usage with cell phones (above). The other is water powered cell phones (below).

Yeah, not too long and we will being going to the water fountain to charge our cell phones and thrusting our fingers around with one hand in front of a cell phone and the phone in the other. Of course it will look normal then, but not so much if you saw someone doing it today (don't believe me, go in to public and try either.)

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Anonymous said...

dammit you really are a *explicit* nerd.

brad spaulding.

lets see who is making more money in 8 years though. :>

*edit for f*