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Friday, April 25, 2008

Update to Alltel HTC Touch Rom ***HACKED***

Sooooo, if you recall correctly, when I reported the release of a new rom that had evdo rev. a on it for alltel, I made mention of an online community getting it on to other carriers. Well, they were successful, and I can say that I now am running an Alltel rom on my Sprint Touch. Everything works just fine, and there is a work around that was able to get GPS working. I have not been able to test Rev. a because I am not in an evdo area, but I was able to get Google Maps to register to satellites. It is a pretty easy process and you should be able to d it on any Vogue (CDMA carriers.)

This Rom does disable the use of a custom cube for now. Some are saying that video playback is better and wondering if this has some special video drivers. Another neat feature that I noticed is when you click on the icons in the top system bar it shows you a blown up menu with bigger buttons. It is very nice.

**Caution if you do not do this correctly you could kill your phone.** Just throwing that out there to protect myself, but seriously read up on this if interested. Do not just jump in head first with reckless abandonment. It is easy, but...

Here is a thread with instructions and links to downloads.

Many thanks to the guys at ppcgeeks and xda developers.

This will probably be available in many Windows Mobile 6.1 roms soon, so if you do not want to go back just hang on.


Kurt said...

It worked like a charm....I also posted my comments on sprintouch.net
Now that I have committed...When the real update comes along, will it update normally?...Or will I have to undo the changes and then update?...Also, do you know if this fixes the video issues mentioned in htcclassaction.org ?...The video does SEEM faster. Feel free to reply at kdb@iquest.net


Blake said...

I just now read this, so sorry. I am going to assume that you know the answer to this already.

Any updates further will depend on the spl and/or the radio. If you have been keeping up there has been the official release from alltel as well as a new Sprint leaked rom. The update to the new alltel did not require any downgrading and flashing to a custom rom did not require me downgrading (due to the fact that the rom did not come with a radio, however you did have to install the alltel rom before going custom.) It all depends, but basically i went leaked, official, then custom (ghetthofreeryder) and will continue to run it until Sprint releases an official rom or there is a custom based off of the official that I like.