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Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Apple Conundrum

Conundrum-b: an intricate and difficult problem (according to merriam webster online dictionary.)

I hate Apple. I hate Apple and I do not know why. How can I hate Apple when the last product I used that was made by them had a floppy drive, was command driven, and I played oregon trail on.

I guess the problem stems from Apple fanboys constantly bragging about the superiority of their product. I mean, if it was so great wouldn't everyone be going Apple (maybe not.) Apple fanboys also brag about lack of malware, but then there is the whole market share argument as to the real reason Apple computers are not as easily hacked.

The problem also is that Apple seems to rely on style and popularity to sell their products. I have been a bit of a nonconformist most of my life, and while windows maybe more wide spread, it is definitely not the cool thing to do (or at least in my generation and younger.) So i am left with a bitter taste in my mouth, and couple that with the Mac, PC commercials, I just get a bit peeved.

Could all of that change? I would have said no due to Apple's refusal to license out OSX for use on non Apple products, but that may not be a problem now. There is an online community that has been diligently trying to make it possible for people to run OSX on their PC. Their is osx86 project, hackint0sh, and this lifehacker post that got me interested. Now I can say that I am running osx on my old computer, and to be honest, I am impressed.

There are several things that I am liking about so far, and the only thing I am not liking is that some of my old hardware is not compatible. It will take a bit more time before I am an Apple convert (and I remain skeptical that i will completely leave behind my beloved Windows) but i am trying to stay out of the garbage fanboy game that causes people to draw a line in the sand, and refuse to be objective about a product.

Go ahead give osx a run on your old computer or you can even throw it on another hard drive and run it from there. Just keep in mind that this is not exactly legal.

What say you?

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